John N. Fox, D.D.S. M.S., diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics

Dr John Fox, D.D.S. M.S. 

Dr. John N. Fox, who was born in St. Louis, Missouri, has resided in the “Show-Me-State” his entire life. After spending his childhood observing his uncle’s orthodontic practice, Dr. Fox knew it was his goal to open his own practice one day. At age 14, Dr. Fox was accepted into the St. Louis University College Preparatory School.

He continued his education at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, by obtaining a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemistry. Continuing towards his goal, he was accepted to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree. Although the competition to pursue graduate training in dentistry was rigorous, Dr. Fox was one of fifteen residents accepted from over 400 applicants applying for the position as a resident in the prominent Orthodontic program at St. Louis University. The program’s lineage can be traced back to the late 1890’s. St. Louis is the birthplace of modern orthodontics as known today. Upon graduating from St. Louis University’s School of Orthodontics, he received his Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Orthodontics. A requirement for the Master’s degree is a thesis on current research. Dr. Fox completed a thesis titled “The Effects on Bond-Strength of Variations In Size and Shape of Orthodontic Bracket Bases.” This research was used by various orthodontic appliance manufacturers in their fabrication of current appliances used today.


With his background in orthodontics and dental facial orthopedics, Dr. Fox’s philosophy is simple, he treats faces. In 1980 after graduation, Dr. Fox came to Poplar Bluff in search of realizing his dream of providing quality orthodontic treatment with patients achieving excellent results, both dentally and facially. Over the years Dr. Fox has successfully treated over 14,000 patients in his Poplar Bluff location. Dr. Fox believes that maintaining one office in Poplar Bluff has established himself as the consistent orthodontic caregiver for area residents, providing them with quality orthodontic care which they have grown to trust and respect.

Dr. Fox has surrounded himself with a highly trained and motivated staff to assist him in the care of his patients. Which is why it is no surprise that employees of Dr. Fox are board certified orthodontic assistants (COA) and have expanded function duty auxiliary certification. Additionally, Dr. Fox’s staff has grown from five assistants to the present twelve. Six assistants to Dr. Fox have celebrated their 20 year employment anniversary with his practice, with the remaining assistants closely behind.

Dr. Fox belongs to the following organizations: Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics; Member of the American Association of Orthodontics; Member of the World Federation of Orthodontists; Member of the Midwestern Society of Orthodontists; Member of the Missouri Orthodontic Society; Member of the American Dental Association; Member of the Missouri Dental Association; Member of the Southeast Missouri Dental Society; Member of the Three Rivers Dental Study, which he has served as Secretary-Treasurer of for over 20 years.

Dr. Fox looks forward to providing continued excellent orthodontic care with state of the art equipment, materials, and technology as he expands his office space to further accommodate patients. This expansion includes the recent purchase of the former Dental Arts building, located accessibly on North Westwood Boulevard, now known as the Center for Advanced Orthodontics.